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Sometimes We Just Need Someone to Listen and Don"t Want an Opinion at All

~~*~~ People tell you their worries reasons for...
They don't want an opinion they may ask but that's not what they mean.
It's just that they can't really listen until they hear it from their own mouths.
What motivates their inner screams they don't want you to define it no they just need you to listen so they can reason it for themselves.
You see it in each and every one of us.
It's no big revelation.
We take a chance to say my armor is made of plastic and when I'm not shielded I feel alone rejected by my own self at times.
I'm tired and sometimes strained the veins that connect me to my life source seem..
Signs on the wall containers of honor are up too high.
The windows are closed but I never meant to close you out.
Insights offer renderings of flesh and bones and sometimes hearts of stone? Yes, maybe sometimes.
Once in awhile everything feels irrelevant or exactly relevant now.
The road rides free for the winged in mind taking chances with who might break their fall.
Many stay confused behind the dust does not always follow when someone is listening so we can find our own lions call.
We travel over rivers souls who are confused sometimes me sometimes you.
Lets be sure to mark the pathway so we can find our way home again.
Consider the destination or we'll never ever know the consequence we've sold.
Second glances will all wash away like mud on our fingers unfired clay.
Generous portions of laughter folded in so no one will notice undisclosed decisions.
We will get back we all just need someone to listen once in awhile.

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