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How to Make a Shell and Sand Vase Display

    Simple Flower Vase

    • 1). Fill one-quarter to one-third of a simple, clear glass vase with white craft sand.

    • 2). Add a large seashell, one that fills up the remaining space in the vase to about 1 inch from the top.

    • 3). Fill the vase with water, covering the shell.

    • 4). Allow the sand to settle and add cut flowers.

    Candle Vase

    • 1). Fill a clear glass vase with 2 inches or 3 inches of white craft sand.

    • 2). Place a candle in the center of the vase, pressing the base of the candle into the stand so that it's stable.

    • 3). Place a variety of small seashells around the candle. If you plan on burning the candle, place the seashells 1 inch or 2 inches away from the candle, against the glass of the vase.

    • 4). Tie a piece of thin rope around the rim of the vase for a nautical look.

    Layered Flower Vase

    • 1). Place a glass vase inside a larger glass vase. The larger vase should at least several inches taller and wider than the smaller vase and the larger vase should be clear while the smaller vase can be any color you like.

    • 2). Arrange the inner vase so that it is in the very center of the larger vase and as stable as possible.

    • 3). Fill the area between the two vases with white craft sand, creating a layer of sand about half as tall as the inner vase.

    • 4). Place a variety of small seashells between the inner and outer vase walls. Fill up the space between the sand and the top of the inner vase or leave some of the inner vase exposed.

    • 5). Fill the inner vase with water and add cut flowers.

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