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Camaleão is a Salvador Carnival bloco which was created by college students and had its first parade in 1979. The name, suggested by artist Bel Borba, comes from the chameleons found on Praça da Piedade, a Salvador square.

Since 1990, Camaleão has paraded with Chiclete com Banana, one of the most successful bands in Salvador Carnival.

The bloco is a winner of Troféu Dodô e Osmar, an award by local Jornal da Tarde, and a nine-time winner of the Top of Mind, a Brazilian brand recognition survey.

The Camaleão trio elétrico, or sound-wired truck, has been voted the best in their circuit several times.

Camaleão parades have 2,000 security personnel, a support vehicle with an ER unit, a bar and a snack bar, and 20 portable restrooms along the circuit.

In Salvador Carnival 2010 (Feb.11-16), Camaleão will parade on three days, always with Chiclete com Banana:

  • Carnival Sunday, Feb.14 on the Barra-Ondina Circuit. Start at 3:30 p.m.
  • Carnival Monday, Feb.15 on the Avenida Circuit (aka Dodô Circuit). Start at 1 p.m.
  • Carnival Tuesday, Feb.16 on the Avenida Circuit. Start at 1 p.m.

Parade Prices:

Central do Carnaval is selling tickets to Camaleão 2010 parades for:
R$ 890 on Sunday
R$ 840 on Monday
R$ 840 on Tuesday

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