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Perfect My Golf Swing - You Are Not Going to Learn a Perfect Golf Swing, Stop Wasting Your Time

Face facts and give yourself a break.
If you really are trying to perfect your golf swing, and I seriously hope you are not, then I would urge you to get un-hypnotised by all the false claims and face the facts.
You will NEVER perfect your golf swing so stop trying for heavens sake.
Attempting to achieve the unachievable is only going to end up in tears for you I promise.
There are far too many golfers trying to perfect swings and just experiencing untold frustration.
Did you know that millions, yes millions of golfers quit this game through sheer frustration at not being able to progress they way they feel they should? Why? Because they are taught, mislead, misguided into trying to achieve what they are not capable of.
They are trying to achieve swing mechanics that may be completely inappropriate for them.
They are chasing the mythical perfect swing.
You are built to survive not play golf.
Your body was not build to play golf - even if someone has said you are made to play golf - you are not.
You are built to survive on this planet and are a remarkably pliable being capable of extremely complex moves.
Compared to a robot you are a contortionist extraordinaire.
Your joints muscles and tendons are not fixed to move in one plane, they can do all sorts of wonderful things and then you have the potential to run massive amounts of mental thoughts and interferences too! Unfortunately that does not make for a highly repeatable swing.
You are constantly looking for more happiness.
What you are trying to do as a human being, apart from the obvious of survival and procreation, is seek happiness.
You are constantly either trying to get away from, avoid or stop things which make you unhappy in one degree or another or you are constantly trying to move toward and find things that please you more.
You seek happiness and believe that your golf happiness is linked with or tied into developing the perfect swing.
You will be a happier person when you are a better golfer and you will be a better golfer when you develop the perfect swing, right? WRONG way to go about trying to find golf happiness I am sorry to inform you! You will never develop a perfect swing.
There is truth in better swing equals better golf.
If you improve the mechanics of your swing you will improve your game but remember that many golfers with great swing mechanics failed miserably when it came to scoring.
The golfing wastelands are littered with golfers who had great swing mechanics but no Golf Mind to run them with.
The problem is not trying to enhance your swing, it is becoming fixated on swing mechanics and believing, falsely, that golf nirvana resides there, it does not.
Still want to pursue the perfect swing? Fine, go right ahead and waste your time but remember that no golfer ever in the history of the game has done it and none ever will.
Do you intend to practice harder than Hogan, Nicklaus or Woods? How? Do you have more money and time to devote to the game than they did? If they never came close to perfecting the human move called the golf swing, then neither will you.
Am I saying you should not try to improve your swing? No, not if you want to or enjoy working your body biomechanics but please work smart.
Digging a swing out of the dirt by hitting thousands of golf balls is not the best or most efficient way to train a muscle move sequence.
There are now proven scientific ways of incorporating Internal Muscle or Motor Stimulation in conjunction with actual swings that will massively speed the learning process.
Unfortunately the average golf coach has no clue even though they act like experts so please do your homework properly and find those few great coaches who are out there.

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