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How to Lose Weight at Home - Don"t Worry About Going to the Gym, Lose Weight in Your Own House

Are you feeling a bit confused with all of the dieting options that are on the market today? You are probably wondering how to lose weight at home.
With all of the websites, books and infomercials, it is hard to sort through them all to find a program that really works.
You are going to want to go on a program where the weight loss is permanent but also that you remain healthy while you are losing the weight.
Do you know that you could lose 9 pounds every 11 days? I am sure you are wondering how to lose weight at home and still maintain a healthy diet.
The food that you put into your mouth can either make you thin or it can also make you fat.
You have often heard it said that you get fat because you don't exercise while you are dieting.
That's a myth! The reason you get heavier is due to the fact that you are not eating the right foods at the proper times each day.
Therefore, the reverse is also true - you can lose weight by eating the right foods at the proper times of the day.
It is really that uncomplicated! The answer to the question how to lose weight at home is quite simple.
Here is what does NOT work.
Throw away those low calorie, low fat and low carbohydrate diets.
All they do is make you miserable! After each meal, your brain releases two types of hormones that control fat storage and fat burning.
These hormones are controlled by the foods that you put into your mouth.
Yes, our diet is the thing that manipulates these hormones.
In order to alter these hormones so that your brain is releasing the fat burning hormones, you are going to have to eat more than just three times each day.
The food that you eat is just like a light switch.
It can turn the fat burning hormones on and off.

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