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How to Get Youth Soccer Players to Respect the Coach

It is always advisable to get your youth team soccer players to respect you as a coach.
Respect has to be earned and does not come automatically.
As a youth soccer coach myself for many years, I have a few tips to pass along.
Firstly you have to show the players that you know more than they do.
For some parent soccer coaches, this may not be the case.
Even so, you need to give the impression that you know more.
One of the most important aspects of this is to prepare your session and write it down on paper.
There is nothing worse than going into a session not knowing what you will be doing.
You should choose the topic first and have the session on the one theme.
You should plan your warm up, skills section, small sided games etc.
You should have a schedule for each part.
You also need to know the coaching points that you are going to teach.
Next you should get to the session up to 15 minutes early to set things up.
You should set up the grids with the cones and discs and bring pinneys for the small sided games.
Doing these 2 things should set you up for a successful session and should get you the respect of the players who will think you know what you are doing.
Prepare the session by planning it out and bring the correct equipment.
You should at a very early stage give the players your set of rules, for example don't talk while the coach is talking.
If the players are doing this you need to repeat these rules as this is showing an amount of disrespect.
I have also found it helpful to respect the players no matter how old they are.
Involve them in certain decisions and listen to them.
If you respect the players you will earn the respect back in most cases.
If you are well organized, know what you are doing, respect the players and make it fun for them, you should be well ahead.
There are always some exceptions where you may have to discipline the whole team for only a few players not respecting you.
You may also have to have a private word with any player who continues to be a problem.

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