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RCI Timeshare Point System

It's not always easy keeping track of how your points system works.
Timeshare companies like RCI, the largest timeshare vacation exchange network, use a point system where owners purchase a certain number of points to use in a given year.
Essentially used liked currency, the points are used to "pay" for a room or condo of your choice.
There are three different kinds of seasons, each corresponding to a particular color.
There are Red seasons, White seasons and Blue seasons, each of which correlate to peak or non-peak weeks.
A peak week is a highly desirable week where as a non-peak, or off-peak weak, is a less sought after time frame.
The Red seasons are considered peak weeks and correspond to the type of resort and season.
For example, a Myrtle Beach condo during the summer months are considered Red weeks, and an Aspen timeshare during the winter months are Red weeks.
The second kind are White seasons, or off-peak, and are the opposite of the aforementioned (like a beach condo during the winter).
The third type is Blue season, which are middle of the road weeks, and fall between peak and off-peak seasons.
Keeping the peak and off-peak seasons in mind, a hotel room, due to the number of amenities offered like full kitchen or a Jacuzzi, would cost you more points than a smaller condo with less to offer.
Members are generally sent a catalogue that includes all resorts that accept RCI points.
Resorts list which weeks are red, blue and white seasons.
The amount of points you spend depends on the season of which you choose and the amenities you'd like to have or can do without.
If the point system isn't working out for you, maybe a timeshare rental might work out best for you, or you could always sell your points.
In either case scenario, you may want to consider some of your timeshare relief options in an effort to find a timeshare system that works best for you and your family.

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