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Can Kegels Be Bad?

    Stopping Urine Flow

    • Individuals learning how to perform Kegel exercises sometimes begin by intentionally stopping their urine flow when using the bathroom. However, habitually stopping urine flow after learning proper technique can weaken the pelvic floor, the Mayo Clinic reports.

    Additional Complications

    • Additional potential complications of habitually stopping urine flow include increased risks of urinary tract infection and inability to completely empty the bladder, according to the Mayo Clinic.

    Increasing Repetitions

    • Increasing the frequency or number of Kegel repetitions beyond a doctor's recommendation can trigger heightened amounts of urine leakage and/or muscle fatigue, according to Medline Plus.


    • Generally speaking, any feeling of discomfort while performing Kegel exercises is a sign of improper technique, Medline Plus reports.


    • A doctor or other health care professional can usually help recommend different ways to improve the effectiveness of Kegel exercises, the Mayo Clinic notes.

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