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2010 Prognostications and Predictions!

There is an old saying that when you can not beat them, join them.
I have decided in light of all of the predictioning and prognosticating (one word is real and the other is all mine) going on for 2010 with the start of a new decade I should join in on the fun.
So here are my Predictions and In The Other Corner My Prognostications.
Oh wait, they mean the same thing.
Well here goes: 1.
Social Media will begin to dominate our lives.
I mean, I heard that they have this device that is being worked on in top secret laboratories that will be wired to provide Facebook updates directly to your brain, so you no longer have to check your crackberry every 30 seconds.
Blink twice if you believe me and the comments will go directly onto your Facebook profile.
Barack Obama will make a speech that is so exciting and inspiring that half of the American populace will request his re-election campaign to come early so they can vote him in for four more years.
The other half of the population will agree and quickly elect a new John McCain for president.
Any other 70 year old war veterans itching at a chance for president? We would love to hear about your Hanoi Horror stories.
Note: Any vice presidential candidates must not be named Palin, for fear that the world will then lose faith in the country after the entire Bush debacle.
New reports will come out that banks intentionally sunk the economy, they all choked themselves with bad loans, sold them to foolish investors as CMO's and then ran like they just dropped the largest grenade the world has ever seen on the financial markets all to consolidate into the supposed best of the best: Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Citigroup.
The people will clamor for action from the government, Jesse Jackson will give a nice speech indicting the entire banking industry, and the Senate Banking Committee will then clamor for a hearing where they will chastise the heads of the major banks until one day shortly after the 4th of July they will find a $100,000 campaign check from each bank hidden under their pillows, and quietly kill the entire affair after the Christmas in July fundraising campaign.
So that might not be entirely true, but here is what I do think might happen: 1.
With nearly 2 billion cell phones around the world (Thank you Google Answers!), we are set to see more and more mobile capabilities reach cell phones.
With these capabilities capitalism will come as well.
The technology will continue to get better, as faster service is provided for more cell phones, so they can access the ever expanding array of data packages that people want to view.
Additionally, 2010 will be the year of mobile advertising.
Iphones, treo's, and blackberry's are everywhere.
With all of these mobile devices you will see more advertising done on mobile devices.
The advertisers who get their first in the next coming months will have an excellent advantage over traditional marketers.
Go to places like admob.
com to get the most out of this opportunity.
Social media will continue to grow strong.
Although, I hope and believe they are many years off from creating the first Facebook brain implant, we will be more and more connected around the world to people on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.
The trend is to connect with people and truly network with them in order to get business from friends.
Over the long run the benefits of connecting with people and learning about them will become commonplace marketing techniques on these sites.
One downer might be that big business is getting into social media heavily in 2010.
That means having to compete with them will be a little annoying, however, enjoyable as they will likely move like a nimble 300 pound ballerina through the social networks with their advertising.
Jobs will come back in 2010.
If for no other reason that 2009 became the year of the entrepreneur.
The joke, while not true was that you were out of work and could not find a job, so you might as well start up a business with your skills from a previous employer.
While the idea was a little absurd to some, others jumped on the opportunity to be their own boss.
Now that they have a year under their belt, many first time business owners will start expanding their business and will need employees to help them.
My prognostication will be that employment will drop from around 9.
4% currently to around 8.
2% in 2010.
I am basing that fact on the number of entrepreneurs around the world who have started new businesses.
Assuming that out of every 100 that start 20 will survive to next year we are talking about 1000's of opportunities to work at small companies.
These companies will nimbly grow bigger as they service their customers better and add features that big companies will be slow to adopt, such as social media, mobile marketing, and other technologies.
The one caveat here is that consumer spending needs to increase.
The positive is that while still low, The University of Michigan's December Consumer Sentiment Report was a 72.
5, up from 67.
4 the month before.
They are predicting an increase of 1.
6% in consumer spending in 2010, which will help the economy and lead to my prediction that jobs will start coming back.
So here are my predictions and prognostications.

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