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History of Turkey Calls

    Production Callmaking

    • Production callmaking began in the 1880s by Charles Jordan, who was known for his knowledge regarding the wing-bone style yelper and its use. Jordan also authored several articles for a popular hunting magazine regarding the use and versatility of the wing-bone yelper. Shortly after this time, Henry Gibson applied for and received a patent for his box style turkey call.

    Call Styles

    • As the years progressed, several different types and styles of turkey calls emerged. Tom Turpin was known for his different styles of calls and produced yelpers and box calls until he retired in 1949.

    Lynch Box Call

    • Perhaps one of the most famous turkey call producers is Mike Lynch. Lynch box calls were made of all cedar and later evolved to walnut and mahogany. Lynch calls are still produced today, and some of the early Lynch box calls bring hundreds of dollars at auctions all over the country.

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