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Acupressure - Our Experience

When my husband and I first started having acupressure we thought it would be like acupuncture but it's a little different.
Instead of inserting needles into us, the doctor uses her fingers to press on different points of our bodies.
My husband has high blood pressure that couldn't be controlled taking medicine.
I have a weak lung so I had shortness of breath and I tired easily because of it.
The doctor examined us first and then went about her treatment with us.
She worked on my husband first.
He had a little hump on his back below his neck so she did acupressure on that and then she pressed on other parts of his body.
She did cupping on him also.
Cupping is a procedure that uses wooden cups that are heated inside by a flame and then they're put on the area of the body for about ten minutes to release the toxins.
She put them on the hump on his back.
He told me that they felt like a bear was biting his back.
I laughed.
It helped him though.
She worked on me next.
She pressed her fingers into my back especially where my weak lung is, on my left side.
Then she pressed on other parts of my body and gave me a relaxing massage.
I almost fell asleep.
I never had anything knock the stress out of me like that.
Our second treatment was a little tougher.
My husband went in first for acupressure then massage and no cupping.
I went next thinking that I'll have the same.
But she did the cupping on my backOuch!! It hurt.
I couldn't wait to get them off.
The next five days it felt like I had something on my upper back clinging to me.
It started to make me feel better after that.
The third visit my husbandand I had acupressure, acupuncture, and a massage done.
The fourth visit we had the same treatment done as the third and my husband had a foot massage done.
Foot massage helps health problems somewhat like acupressure.
The feet have to support the entire body so by massaging certain areas of the feet it improves blood circulation, gets rid of toxins in the body and it stimulates healing.
It really helped my husband's stress.
We've been going to her every week for about a month now and I can say we both feel like it's helped us a lot.
My husband might get a lower dosage of blood pressure medicine soon and I don't feel as tired now.
You might have to ask family or friends if they know of an acupressurist.
Orlook in the phone book.
It's well worth it.

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