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Delaware Auto Window Tinting Laws

    Darkness Level

    • In Delaware the level of tint is measured by the percentage of Visible Light Transmission. This is the amount of light that is visible through the darkened window. According to the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles, "Window tint is prohibited on the front windshield below the top few inches of the windshield (specifically not below the AS-1 masking on the windshield)." AS-1 is the approved safety glass designation from the glass industry. The front side windows of the vehicle are required to allow more than 70 percent light in while the back side and rear windows may allow any level of darkness.

    Reflective Level

    Other Regulations

    • Other regulations concerning the Delaware Window Tint Law are divided into five categories: Restricted Colors (all colors of tint are allowed), Side Mirrors (when the back window is tinted dual side mirrors are required), Certificate Requirements (tinting film manufacturers do not need certification), Sticker Requirements (a sticker for legal tinting must be placed inside the driver's side window), and Medical Exemption (proof that Delaware exempts the driver for medical purposes).

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