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5 Part Formula to Successful List Building Online

There is so much talk about list building these days, especially in the world of online marketing.
Marketers teach about the importance of building your list and tell you how integral it is to your marketing, but don't show you the exact formula you need to put together a winning list building strategy.
Here are 5 critical ongoing strategies for optimal list building online.
Lead capture page A lead capture is a place on your website where your visitors can sign up to be on your mailing list.
It could be an opt in box, a squeeze page or a sign up box as long as there is place to put in names and email addresses.
Your lead capture page needs to lead to an email service to manage your database of names, opt ins and opt outs and compliance with SPAM laws.
A Bribe, A Free Offer, A Gift A critical element is a bribe.
A reason for your visitor to give you their email addresses.
The goal here is to have a really good bribe and a strong headline that compels them to give you their email address.
You could offer an ebook, a special report, a video, an assessment or an audio.
Whatever your specific audience desires.
Ongoing FREE content This is where you provide free content in the form of a teleclass or webinar to your audience.
This allows you to develop a relationship with your list, provide them insight into who you are and what you offer and your approach and positions you as an expert.
Ongoing traffic To build your list, you need to use every possible method to drive traffic to your site and your lead capture page.
Tools such as social media sites are a fantastic way but cannot be your only source.
You also need to use other avenues to get traffic to your site, here are some to consider: Social media: LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook, Joint ventures and affiliate partners,Video distribution, Paid per click or paid advertising, Article marketing & submissions,Blog comments on other people's blog, Forum posting with same target market 5.
Ongoing communication and offers You have to have ongoing communications with your list.
Build a relationship and bring them offers of great tools and resources that you know will help them.
A big mistake many make is that they build this great list and never communicate with them.
Send out articles, comments, tools and newsletters.

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