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Coker Floors Did the Job

My friend who was a real OC (obsessive compulsive) was having her home renovated. She is having her old floors ripped because she was really concerned about how it looked and she wanted a clean and relaxing ambiance within her home.

Being an obsessive compulsive, she pays attention to every single detail, from the uniformity of the shade down thickness of the flooring that she wanted. I had a very long conversation with her on the phone and she is really disturbed how to choose the best materials for her floor. The first thing that comes to my mind was to refer her to Coker Floor Company, without any hesitations I accompanied her down to the store in Dallas.

At first, it was real bummer. She thought that it was just another flooring business who was out get any deal possible - but I didn't referred her for no reason.

The experts Coker floor, came to us all diligent and welcoming, introduced us to the rest of the staff in the store and started to give us a quick tour around. My friend was awe since she was expecting it to be more on the sales oblation but it didn't turned out that way.

She has hardwood floors in mind to replace her old and smelly, dust collecting carpet. When we reached the wood section, she has gotten from timid to enthusiastic.

She Inspected each planks, each board looking for flaws and imperfection, but to her surprise it was just on a very minimal side. She immediately took her credit card and wanted to have that exact same planks for her home. However, the staff didn't take it just yet they wanted to make sure that it was what she wanted and it would be perfect for her.

My friend was all smiles when we left the store, but a few minutes after I got home my phone started ringing. She was now concerned how the guys at Coker Floors will install her wood floors. She wanted to make sure that everything would go as she planned.
When the day of installation came, she was all around the staffs who are installing the planks. I told her to calm down and let them do their thing.

Two days after another phone call from her - thinking that it was another of her worries I answered the but quite away from my ears. To my surprise, I felt a smile from and she joyfully explaining how good the material and the installation turned out.

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