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How to Train With Body Weight Push Ups

    Basic Push-up Technique

    • 1). Start by placing your hands on the floor shoulder-width apart and legs straight out behind you. Keep your body in a raised position and create a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles.

    • 2). Lower your body with your arms, while keeping your elbows in a 45 degree angle. Lead with your chest and not your head.

    • 3). Continue to lower your body until your chest almost touches the floor and then push back up with your arms. Careful not to lock your elbows.

    Type of Push ups

    • 1). Spreading your arms far apart while completing the wide push-up movement. The wide push-up reduces your range of motion and develops your shoulders and chest.

    • 2). Place your hands together to create a diamond shape with your index fingers and thumbs while performing the basic diamond push-up motion. This push-up is effective for working your triceps.

    • 3). Place one hand under your chest for the one-handed push-up -- resting the other hand on the small of your back. The one-handed push-up is the most challenging type of push-up.


    • 1). Take the push-up test to determine your fitness level. Perform as many push-ups as you can until your muscles fail.

    • 2). Record the amount of push-ups accomplished and set up a six week training plan, based on your fitness level. Workout for three days with a day of rest between each session. Perform five sets of half the amount of push-ups you were able to perform during the test. For example, if you were able to complete 10 push-ups, you want to perform five sets of five push-ups, with 60 seconds of rest between each set. Increase the amount of reps by two each week. If you began with 10 push-ups, by the end of week six you should be able to complete sets of 22 reps each.

    • 3). Continue to increase the number of reps you perform each week until you are able to complete 100 push-ups without fail. After you are able to execute 100 basic push-ups, challenge yourself further with the more difficult modified versions.

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