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Economic Slowdown is the Best Time to Travel Part 2

This has become really serious Over the last few week, there is a really big reason that arise to really make you and me to start backpack around Europe and Australia.
Reason 1:Their Currency Dived! That's a great reason for us to travel, if our own currency did not dived along.
Previously, Euro was trading like 1 Euro to 2 Singapore Dollar(That's currency basis now).
Now, it's like 1 Euro to 1.
7 Singapore Dollar, 15% increase in value for Singapore Dollar.
That means, I just received a 15% discount on my Europe trip compare to two months ago.
Of course, if anyone is to visit Iceland this few months...
you would be in for a big surprise of how much discount you get.
A tip for those that plan to backpack to such area would be NOT exchange your money before you travel.
Only exchange the minimum you need to get from your arrival station to your hotel.
Bring along your own currency and only exchange your needs THERE Why? Because the currencies are fluctuating like a yoyo and you never know what's the value of currencies in these country when you get there.
You could check the exchange rate from your local currency exchange or the internet.
Reason 2: Backpacking there is now affordable You might be thinking that, a Euro 10 dollar hostel is affordable.
But for Asia backpackers, that meant to be 20 Singapore dollar or 50 Malaysian dollar or 100 Renminbi.
In the mean time, the salary they get is around 2000 each in their own currency.
A Euro 10 dollar hostel is not affordable to them Now, with further discount by hostels and the discount we get from currency exchange.
Backpacking in Europe is now more affordable for Asia backpackers.
May we all catch the chance and backpack far and wide this Slowdown.
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