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Residual Income Business - One Article a Day

I often think about what it takes to start and run a business of your own.
It definitely takes a certain level of guts that a lot of people just don't posses.
I don't think that people are afraid of the actual organization but of the uncertainty of creating something essentially from scratch.
Although most residual income business opportunities are setup in such a manner where they often have company produced training, this training sometimes falls short of giving practical advice about growing your downline.
Usually the first approach that a parent company takes in training you how to build your company is training you how to spend some more of your money.
While this technique is not entirely bad it is viewed by many as the lazy man's way of doing things.
New team members are often told that the best way to market their new venture is to purchase the latest and greatest promotional tools offered by the parent company.
This type of spending out of the gate has been known to cause people to fall victim to attrition simply because they spent themselves out of the market.
The one marketing and promotion technique that is often overlooked by network marketing companies and others alike is article marketing.
Article marketing is probably the most consistently effective way to market any internet based business.
This is because article marketing allows a marketer to systematically infuse their company's brand and message into the marketplace.
Article marketing ensures a certain level of sustainability that can't be achieved with any other type of internet marketing over a period of time.
The ultimate allure of article marketing is the fact that it can be implemented for free.
It can be a part of any organization's long term growth campaign and with consistent implementation it can cause a great spike in a person's residual income business downline.

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