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Your Affirmation Journey: Key Tips to Move You Forward

"The thoughts we think and the words we speak create our experiences.
" - Louise L.
So, what are you thinking...
right now, in this moment? As the basis of the Heal Your LifeĀ® philosophy and techniques of Louise L.
Hay, affirmations serve as highly effective tools for changing your thinking, and in turn changing your life: You are YOUR thoughts! With this principle in mind, Louise L.
Hay believes...
"If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed.
" Affirmations are 'the work'.
So let's make them easy, graceful and effective! In the simplest terms, affirmations are anything you think, say or feel.
Basic enough? What you think, say and feel is continually attracting situations and people to you.
Unfortunately, what many of us think, say and feel to ourselves or to others is often negative.
As a result, good experiences can be elusive.
Given that approximately 90% of your thinking is done by your subconscious mind, ONLY 10% is done by your conscious mind.
Therefore, your 'aware' mind focuses 10% of your brain capacity on whatever you feed it in the form of thoughts and feelings.
However, your subconscious mind cannot recognize or discern the difference between your lived reality AND your vision/dream for your life.
It simply accepts whatever thoughts and feelings you feed it.
So what are you feeding your subconscious mind - junk food or health food? You have the power to choose your 'thought food', through your affirmations.
Affirmations open the door to your new thinking, by consciously choosing words and feelings that highlight what you want to create in your life.
By deliberately empowering yourself through affirmations, you tell your subconscious mind: "I am aware there is something I can do to change my life.
I am taking responsibility.
" Your thoughts are merely a habitual way of thinking - a pattern of beliefs you learned as a child/teen/young adult and are continuing to lug around today.
This means ALL of your self-talk - the stream of thoughts and feelings that guide you through your day, in every moment.
Such belief patterns likely served you well at times.
However, aspects of them may be slowing you down, even shutting you down.
As a result, some of your thoughts may be limiting you from creating or receiving the very things that you say you want.
To begin eliminating these habitual thoughts, pay attention to:
  • negative language
  • complaints
  • angry statements
  • victim language
  • self-pity feelings
Knowing that we all have moments of these thoughts - even Louise Hay and definitely me! We are not bad people or wrong for thinking as we do.
We are simply living the thought patterns we learned earlier in life.
When the time comes to consciously decide to create the life you REALLY want, you wake up to changing your thinking, and in turn changing your life in supportive, pleasing, loving ways.
Using affirmations effectively to empower changing your life is a process.
A key step is to create an environment for affirmations to succeed.
To have them work more quickly and consistently is like watering seeds with positive energy, positive thoughts and positive feelings.
By simply choosing to consistently think happy thoughts, you choose to feel good.
The more you feel good, the more your affirmations will grow!

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