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Have you ever met an idiot that is more successful than you are? We all have, right? When I am coaching a client, the person frequently says something along the lines of "I'm just as smart as (some famous Internet business guru), so why am I working so much harder yet making so much less than he is?"

Do you know why people not as smart as you are becoming raging successes in their Internet businesses? It may have something to do with the huge amount of information available online. Sure you can learn a lot, but you can get confused at the same time from the sheer volume.

Now you still have to get helpful information and do your best to learn what you need. But keep in mind that information is just a tool. There are other elements that are essential in building a profitable Internet business that many people pass by.

1) Just Do It - It's simple. Doers generally succeed and people that are stuck learning generally do not. Taking in too much information can bog you down and prevent you from taking any action that will grow your Internet business.

Compare this state of information overload with with wildly successful Internet business owners. They know they need the right information, too. But they learn, then do. They are not stuck in an endless loop of gathering. And they don't let fear of failure stand in their way. And they surely aren't looking for the magic key to success that some people think will come with the next piece of information.

If you've ever been there, here's my advice - Stay Focused! Take a deep breath and ask yourself - What do I have to get done today? - Not tomorrow or next week or even next month. Today! And not what do I have to learn, but what do I have to DO to further my success?

2) Overcome Self-Doubt and Fear of Failure - Get past your self-doubts and keep your mind focused on the task at hand or you're out. One of the biggest rules of business is that you will fail at some point. Maybe even twice. But doing is still your best experience. To destroy your fears and doubts, and to grow a strong Internet business, always learn from mistakes and failures. Try to keep risk to a minimum and keep your eye on the goal. After a while you'll find out what works and run with it.

3) K.I.S.S. - Keep everything simple. There's no need to make growing a successful Internet business complicated. Don't get into the trap of always having too much going on and turning out work at a lesser quality than you're capable of.

Now that you know the pitfalls struggling Internet business hopefuls make, do your best to do the exact opposite. Don't take on more than you can handle. Do learn what you need to know, then take focused action. Then repeat the process for the next task at hand. You'll avoid working like a dog and getting nowhere.

4) Find The Hot Spot Of Your Market - It may be hard work, but knowing your market inside and out is your ticket to an energized Internet business. Take a look at where the money is flowing and who's spending it. Knowing this is essential, but it's only part of the story.

Now you have to get into the heads of your market. Not only what they want and what they are buying, but why. Never guess on this step unless you want to continue struggling. Once you know without a doubt how the market thinks and acts, your Internet business will take off like a rocket. It's all about knowing your market as deeply as you can.

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