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Using Aromatherapy Burners to Scent And Decorate Your Home

A pleasant smell does not only have a major influence on the atmosphere in your home but it also makes it appear more aesthetically appealing.
Unfortunately, most homes do not smell good "naturally".
Fumes emitted by various items and activities such as cooking may create an unpleasant odour which cannot always be removed with frequent ventilation.
Most people use commercial air fresheners to scent their homes.
They leave a pleasant smell which, however, is a mixture of potentially hazardous chemicals.
The research has shown that commercial air fresheners are made almost exclusively from chemicals which can be harmful to human health because they can irritate the airways or cause headaches, while some of the ingredients have even been identified as carcinogenic substances.
In addition to having a dubious effect on human health, commercial air fresheners often leave a too strong smell which can be highly unpleasant and create an impression that you are trying to mask poor air quality.
Not all commercial air fresheners are harmful and many create a very pleasant scent but if you would like to scent your home and avoid exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals, you should consider using aromatherapy burners.
They are used with essential oils which form the basis of the so-called aromatherapy, a type of alternative medicine that uses essential oils to treat health problems mostly minor ones and those of physiological nature.
Health benefits of aromatherapy are not scientifically proven, however, the scientific studies have shown that the use of essential oils with aromatherapy burners is safe.
But it should be avoided by pregnant women and people with certain health conditions such as epilepsy as certain scents can trigger epileptic attacks, while pregnant women may experience worsening of the so-called morning sickness due to increased sense of smell which is related to pregnancy-induced hormonal changes.
The scent emitted by essential oils is also safe for children but those who younger than 5 years of age should not be exposed to it for prolonged periods of time.
In addition to scenting your home naturally and safely, aromatherapy burners also have a highly decorative effect especially those that are handmade.
Mass produced burners can look beautiful as well but in comparison to the handmade ones, they are kind of soulless.
Handmade items reflect a unique character which gives a home an additional charm and a sense of warmth which creates a relaxing atmosphere.
In addition, every handmade aromatherapy burner is unique because it is impossible to make two identical burners by hand.
Please follow the standard fire safety measures when using aromatherapy burners.
They are extremely safe and do not pose a risk of fire but you are highly recommended to use them with great care just like any other object which involves the use of open fire.
Use it on a flat, heat-resistant surface and make sure that no flammable objects are nearby.
Never leave it unattended and make sure that the water in the oil holder does not evaporate while the candle is still burning.
Also, keep in mind that essential oils are flammable and that they must not be burned without water.

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