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Democrats and Republicans Working Together - Obama Urges Republicans To Help Him Revive The Economy

November 2010's U.
S congressional elections brought back the Republicans into mainstream politics.
While incoming Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, has announced his primary objective is to prevent Obama's second term as president, President Obama has appealed the Republicans to put aside politics, and instead concentrate on building the American economy.
What with the 2012 U.
presidential elections right over the horizon, it seems the power play of politics has started in full swing.
And what remains to be seen is how the co-existence of both Democrats and Republicans in the Congress - a Democrat Senate and a Republican House - is going to affect the future of this nation.
Newly empowered Republicans are already targeting to repeal President Obama's healthcare law approved last year.
The strong Republican presence in the House is most likely enough to repeal this law.
And even if this repeal is unsuccessful, Republicans can still pose a threat by denying financing options needed to implement the healthcare law.
The Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission are the two giants Obama is targeting to fund the healthcare law.
However, the Republicans in the House can now easily put in budget limitations to slow down the funds going into the healthcare implementation plan.
So even though the law might live, the chances of any American actually benefiting from this healthcare law are quite bleak.
And that might not be the end of it too.
Today the Republicans are targeting Obama's healthcare law, tomorrow it might be the Wall Street reforms, and then who knows what's next! In this tug of war of political supremacy, the American people are more likely to suffer.
Though President Obama has personally appealed the Republicans to work with him to recover and build the American economy, what will happen next is anybody's guess.
Adversities are bound to rise with opposing principles between the Democrat Senate and Republican House.
What remains to be seen is which party really works for the Americans.
Ideally speaking, instead of thinking about winning the next elections, Democrats and Republicans should simply rise above putting hurdles against each other.
Both should try to work together for the entire nation because the consequential damages of this political tug of war between Democrats and Republicans in the international arena can become too complex, and beyond repair not just for this generation, but for the next ones too.

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