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Divorce Mediation in Long Island

What is Divorce mediation in Long Island in first place?

It is right now very popular as it provides couples a stress free and time saving way to get separated without any intense burdensome court battles. Whether it's about sharing assets or child custody, it is now possible to find solutions in an amicable way. It is a meeting where couples sit down with a 3rd party acting as an intermediary to help spouses come to an agreement and end their marriage. Now that you know, what it's about, here's the second question.

Why Consider It?

Divorce is in fact often costly and very much stressful both financially and emotionally. You will need to spend lot of time in court sessions and deal with attorney fees, splitting your assets, and more. All of this can be dealt with in a quick and easy way by opting for divorce mediation in Long Island.

What Precisely Happens During The Divorce Mediation?

Of course divorce mediators are generally very experienced and well trained to handle complex issues with care and in a logical way. As a mediator, he/she will give an opportunity to both parties to discuss about issues that matter most and will then speak with the couple to find out if divorce is the ultimate option they are looking for. All the information you share in your meeting with a divorce mediator will of course stay confidential. When you have common properties or monetary assets, the divorce mediator can come up with a fair arrangement once agreed by both parties. He/she might also make use of special financial tools to help you know about the impact it can have on your personal finances after deducting any prevailing debts and taxes. There could also be a quick review on how parenting responsibilities and support need to be shared along with how the judge might separate your existing assets.

As a mediator he/she will inform you about how the local law system functions and will give you a fair idea of how the process and paper work goes. In fact, you have the right to walk out of the mediation meeting if it doesn't serve your purpose and wish to take it to the court anytime you want.

How to Choose the Right Mediator?

You can ask for any references from local divorce lawyers or attorneys to find a well experienced and professional mediator. Generally, you will be charged for every session it takes to discuss your impending issues and every session could last anywhere between 1-2 hours.

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