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What is Better For AdSense Earnings - One Big Site Or Many Small Sites?

Many people that are new in Internet Marketing have this dilemma.
Is it better to build one big site in some profitable AdSense niche like finance or insurance, and focus all your attention and SEO effort on it, or build many small 4 to 5 pages micro niche sites with competitive keyword, and make some money from AdSense in that way.
Answer to this question depends on many things.
It is always the best strategy to diversify your sites and have two or three big ones and many micro niche sites.
When I say big sites, I mean sites where you going to add new unique content almost on daily basis.
Idea is to make blog with 500 or more pages of unique content, targeting many different keywords that are related to your blog.
And each of these posts is potentially moneymaker for you.
Of course, it will take time to position this kind of site in search engines rankings, but if you are consistent with publishing high quality and unique content on your site, and promote it well, you will definitely make it.
In the mean time, while you are waiting for your big sites to position themselves in search engine rankings, you can spend some time on building and promoting micro niche sites.
Great thing about them is that when you build this kind of web sites, and do a bit of promoting, you do not need to do anything else.
Just leave it to make you some money while it last.
Point with this type of sites is in quantity and not quality.
Of course, you will have to do a proper keyword research for each micro niche site, because without that you will not make much.

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