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Thanks to technology, the world is becoming more and more modern. It's clear that people, especially the young around the world, can't live having no high-tech products such as mobile phone, personal computer, television, and so forth. The cell phone, indeed, becomes essential to everyone. The functions of a mobile phone is not only to communicate but also to listen to music, read book, browse the Internet, and countless useful functions. We do introduce you one of the most modern smartphone that is Samsung Galaxy S3.

Being designed, developed, and produced by Samsung Electronics, the mobile becomes desirable in almost nations that it is published. It is a multi-touch phone running the Android operating system. In addition to currently familiar applications, the new version of Samsung gives users with variety of smart features. One of the most marked programs of this mobile phone is S Voice that is Samsung's smart personal assistant. Using S Voice, users can verbally control 20 functions such as music player, setting the alarm, or activating driving mode. Besides S Voice, a great number of programs is also developed by the company Samsung, enabling people to enjoy good lives.

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