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How to Tie a Japanese Obi Sash

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Hold the end of the obi sash and extend your right arm out to the side. Hold the fabric tight in front of your chest with your left hand. Fold this length of the obi in half from top to bottom with the fold on top. Lay the folded length over your right shoulder. The section you were holding with your left hand should be placed at the middle of your waist.

Wrap the unfolded portion of the obi around your waist to the right completely two times. Make sure the remaining length of the obi returns to your front from your left side.

Fold the remaining length of the obi in half from the bottom up. Make sure the fold is facing the floor. Tie a knot with the two ends, using the length laying over your shoulder to wrap over and around the length coming from your left side. Lay the end over your left shoulder.

Open the end of the other length and fold it in half the other way. Bring the end up to the underside so it can be tucked into the knot. Adjust this fold so the center of the length is positioned over the center of your waist.

Form a loop on both sides of the length. Wrap the length that is over your shoulder around the center of the loops. Wrap it around twice and pull tightly so the bow is positioned on top of the obi.

Roll the remaining length towards the top, this will form a roll on top of the bow. Tuck this roll into the underside of the bow.

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