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Sewing a Loose Knit

    • 1). Thread the plastic needle with yarn in the same color as your garment. Plastic needles, in this case, are adequate for sewing knit items. This is particularly true of loose knits, as they do not require the sharp point and fiber separation that a sharp needle can provide. With loose knits, you only need to provide the yarn with a stable means of going through the fabric.

    • 2). Position the two ends to be sewn together with the right sides facing in. This prevents the seams from being displayed on the outside of the garment.

    • 3). Push your needle through one end of the edge to be sewn and pull the yarn almost entirely through the seam, leaving only an inch of the loose end free. Tie the loose end to the length of yarn, as this will stabilize the seam. Knot the end in place and cut away the excess.

    • 4). Sew the seam with the plastic needle, keeping the seam selvages as minimal as possible. Depending on the stitch you used, you may be able to use the loops created by the knit stitch on the edges.

    • 5). Sew the seam in its entirety and knot the opposite end to keep the seam strong.

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