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How to Choose a Banquet Hall

    • 1). DECIDE ON A LOCATION: First think about where you would like your event to be held. Although it may be more practical and easier for your guests to hold your event at a hall in the city, a banquet hall in the suburbs can provide a more tranquil atmosphere. One of the benefits in renting a banquet hall in the suburbs is that it will more than likely have ample parking to accommodate all of your guests. In either case, make sure you provide your guests with adequate directions so they can plan their day accordingly and allow for extra travel time.

    • 2). CHECK FOR PRIVACY: You want to make sure the banquet hall offers privacy for you and your guests. The last thing you want at your event is uninvited strangers crashing your party.

      LOOK AROUND: Choosing an attractive banquet hall means less money is spent on decorations. Making a plain room look presentable could require a lot of extra time and money on your part. A banquet hall in the suburbs may also have beautiful views from the hall's windows and may even have landscaped grounds for photo opportunities.

      CHECK INTO THE LIGHTING: The right lighting in a banquet hall helps set the desired mood for the event. Depending on the time of day your event is to be held, you don't want the room too dark or too light.

    • 3). Lastly, ask what is included with the banquet hall. Is there a sound system with a microphone? Does decorating come with the hall rental? Ask about the menu and the pricing for the meal. How many people will the hall accommodate? Is there an event planner that you can work with?

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