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How to Remove a Diesel Injector

    • 1). Open the hood by pulling the release lever inside the vehicle.

    • 2). Locate the valve cover on the engine. It is often located on the top side of the engine. If you are working with an in-line diesel engine, there will be only one valve cover. If you are working a V-line engine, there will be two valve covers, one on each side of the engine.

    • 3). Remove the bolts that secure the valve cover to the engine using a wrench. Pull the valve cover from the engine.

    • 4). Locate the injector fuel lines that supply fuel to the injector. They are often gold in color and screw into the engine near the injector. Each injector has its own fuel supply line. Using a wrench, remove the nut that secures the fuel supply line to the injector you wish to remove. Pull the fuel supply line out of the engine with your hands.

    • 5). Locate the injector hold down bracket inside the engine. The hold down bracket hold the injector in place and is usually held in place by two bolts. Remove these bolts with a wrench and pull the injector hold down bracket away from the engine.

    • 6). Grasp the top end of the injector and carefully pull it out of the engine with pliers.

    • 7). Replace the injector if necessary and repeat the steps in the reverse order.

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