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Launching An Adult Day Health Care Center In Chicago

Chicago is acknowledged as the cultural, industrial, financial, and economic capital of the Midwest.
It has a population that exceeds 2,873,790, of which 8.
7% were single senior citizens above 65 who lived alone.
With two-income families on the rise, care and supervision of a loved senior has become an increasing concern.
Adult care centers are thus gaining popularity, as not only are their aged loved ones under supervision, they also have the chance to mingle with their peers.
Tips for Starting an Adult Day Care Center: Adult day health care centers are for senior citizens who need skilled nursing and rehabilitative therapy services in addition to providing excellent personal care services.
These registered nurses and rehabilitative therapists always act under the supervision of the senior citizen's physician.
It can be a great idea to start an adult day health care center, but first be realistic and conduct a detailed analysis of the demographics of your area to find out if there are any senior citizens who can afford a day care service.
You could visit your competitors and find out the range of services they offer and the prices to give you an idea of how to price your services and offer a little extra in the beginning to capture the market.
Adult day health care services usually charge $10 to $15 per hour.
Lease an appropriate place with easy access to health care facilities, having proximity to a health care practitioner in case of an emergency.
It has to be conveniently located with easy accessibility and meet all the required state regulatory factors.
Buy the necessary furniture and other equipment and materials that are necessary and decorate the interior in such a way that the senior citizens will not have much trouble in moving around.
Keep the interior pleasing and attractive.
There are certain minimum staffing requirements for adult day health care centers.
There has to be an administrator, a registered nurse, a rehabilitative therapist, a program director, an activity coordinator, and a social worker.
Make sure the staff is qualified and experienced and able to handle emergencies if necessary without panicking.
Ensure that the staff is checked periodically and their performance assessed.
You could advertise your services in the local newspaper and on radio and cable TV.
You could leave your fliers in hospitals and pharmacies, making sure that people are aware of your center.
If you provide quality service and manage to satisfy the clients, clients will return and you will thereby profit.
There are numerous services and products available that you may make use of to run your new business successfully.
If you are dedicated, service-oriented, and really want to give back something to the community, start an adult day health care center.

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