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Benefits of air source heat pumps

Excessive energy consumption has made people start to look of other alternatives for energy. For example, carbon emissions have been a cause for concern globally. This being the case, people are looking for methods that they can use to lower their own carbon footprint. There are a good number of devices which you can use in your home that will help you reduce your carbon footprint. A good device is the air source heat pump that has been created recently. Apart from having a positive effect in the environment, it will help reduce your fuels bills. It is quite easy to install and requires very little maintenance. Understanding how it works can help you know the advantages of using the device.

Air source heat pumps work on a similar principle that a refrigerator uses. A refrigerator extracts heat from its inside, but air source heater pumps extract heat from their exterior. The heat is attracted even when the temperatures are as low as -15c. Once heat has been extracted, it is then absorbed into a fluid. This fluid is pumped through a heat exchanger which is in the heat pump. A heat pump compressor is used to pass low grade heat that was extracted using the refridgeration system. This heat is concentrated to a higher temperature level that can be used to efficiently heat your home. Such a system has several benefits apart from reducing your carbon footprint. The main benefit is a return of investment and long term financial relief especially if you are replacing a heating system that used electricity or coal for fuel. 

There are two main types of air heating heat pumps that you should know about. The first type is referred to as the air-to-water system. This system gives off heat through the wet central heating system of your house. They come with different makes and models, but have the same function in general. Note that such systems are better when they are used to give out heat for a long period of time at relatively low temperatures. They are ideal for under floor heating systems and large radiators. If such a system sounds like something you need, you can get more information by checking the makes and models which are available. 

The air-to-air system is the second type of air source heat pumps. This device uses fans to circulate hot air that is generated by the system. The main disadvantage of the air-to-air system is that it cannot be able to heat your water efficiently. If the idea of getting your home heated using energy from the air appeals to you, you can decide to get any of these systems. They may not be the most efficient green heating systems, but they can give you the service you require. They are not as expensive as one might think. For those who feel that they are quite costly, they should try and calculate the amount of money they spend annually on fuel for their heating systems. The answer should be compared with the cost buying, installing and running an air source heat pump for the same duration.

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