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State Criminal Checks

A state criminal check, also known as a state background check is very simple to obtain and has become a requirement for most jobs, rental houses, and gun purchases.
These checks usually only take minutes and have a low to zero cost.
In most states you are not charged if you do not have a criminal history.
The state criminal check has to be completed at the state level.
Some local sheriff departments can obtain a state check but most checks are completed by the state's Department of Corrections (doc) or state Bureau of Investigations.
The world has changed drastically over the last 40 years.
There are more and more cases of embezzlement, fraud, and theft on the job.
These things have caused employers to become more cautious.
They do this by requiring background checks to see if a potential employee is a "risk" to the company.
Most rental places such has apartment complexes and mobile home parks require a background check on each tenant.
This is requested not only to ease the mind of the landlord but to also ensure the safety of the other tenants who live nearby.
When a Rentor is leasing to a Rentee they intend on trusting a complete stranger.
The criminal history check lets them know if the rentee is going to be a risk or burden to the other tenants.
The Brady Bill was implemented on February 28, 1994 to help ensure gun safety.
This law requires anyone who wishes to purchase a gun to conduct a federal background search.
Along with the criminal history search this law also established a 5 day waiting period before being allowed to purchase a gun.
The purpose of this background check is to make certain that previous felons and those considered a "danger" are not allowed to purchase a gun.
In turn this makes our streets safer.
To some the thought of having to complete a criminal check may seem ridiculous and a waste of time.
It is important to remember that this are requested to help insure your safety as well as others.
It is a very simple and necessary process.

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