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How to Get a Woman to Be Hot and Bothered About You - Use These Brute Force Seduction Methods Today!

The main rationale of a letdown for men in terms of seducing girls is this - they are oblivious to the difference between getting a lady hot sensually, and transforming into a guy friend.
If you have always questioned the reason you always end up as a woman's emotional tampon, then read on to find out the guaranteed means to make a lady hot by inducing her sensual attraction to you swiftly and with no trouble...
"Act Like You Are Interested.
Remember that if you would like to build empathy with a woman, you gotta make her make her keep talking about herself and her interests.
The amusing thing is that the more she opens up, the more it would seem like you're seducing her.
This is amusing, but I have seen it happen.
Hence, always seem interested, even if the subjects she talks about are so boring you could fall asleep right there.
"Pretend To Be Bored.
Once you get her talking about stuff that's interesting to her (her poodle, and whether John Mayer is a closet gay) then pretend you're so bored that you are almost dozing off.
Look around, or begin calling someone on the phone.
The key here is to keep her from thinking that you're too into her.
If you're too eager, then she won't feel attracted to you any longer...
remember that! "Make Her Feel Mystified...
Keep Her Interested.
Once you have done the two tricks above, then by now she's wondering if you're into her or not.
The key here is to keep her thinking you're mysterious.
If she gets too comfy and thinks you are too easy to sort out, then she will not feel magnetized by you.
Therefore, keep her interested by always keeping her guessing about whether you're really into her...
or you're just taking her for a ride.

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