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Fat Loss For Idiots Diet - Review of a Groundbreaking Diet

The Fat Loss for Idiots diet has recently won the prestigious title of "best-selling online diet", but is it really a groundbreaking diet? The Fat Loss for Idiots diet goes against the grain of commonly-held beliefs that only low fat, low carb or low calorie diets can cause effective weight loss.
In fact, the authors of the diet are claiming that these diets are more likely to cause long-term weight gain by severely harming the function of metabolism.
According to new scientific evidence, what we eat and not so much how much we eat, controls the pace at which we metabolize food.
So, instead of cutting out meals, the Fat Loss for Idiots diet forces you to take another meal each day.
That's right...
4 meals a day! 4 meals a day, and you're supposed to lose weight rapidly?! That just doesn't make sense, right? Well, according to this new research, metabolism speed is controlled by the "different types of calorie" consumed.
The diet requires that you eat 4 different types of calorie a day -- each from a separate meal.
The combination of calories is supposed to shock your body and confuse your metabolism into speeding up, causing rapid weight loss after a certain period of time.
So, the theory may seem sound, but does it work in practice? Well...
my readers answered this with an overwhelming YES!.
After I read it and fell in love with the theory of the diet I recommended it to my readers a few months back.
Just weeks later I was [very unexpectedly] inundated with over a hundred success stories.
Many of my readers achieved 7-9 lbs of weight loss in 11 days and one even achieved 14lbs in that time! So, having said that, I must wholeheartedly recommend the Fat Loss for Idiots diet to anyone who is looking to lose some weight with a diet that isn't very demanding.
It is simple, effective and yes, I feel it is revolutionary, in that respect at least.
If you're not quite sure, then I recommend you take the Fat Loss For Idiots [http://www.
com/FatLoss4Idiots-Scam-] Scam Challenge, written by one of my readers.

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