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24 Hour MT Bike Race Tips

    Be bike ready

    • You will come across all kind of hazards and conditions so make sure your bike is ready. Getting a complete tune-up on your bike is the most important step for race day. Make sure the bike is lubed, all your parts are working smoothly and everything is tightened down. Switching out your brake pads is also recommended.

      Switch to a heavy-duty chain and think about one you can change out without the need to carry tools during the race. Choosing the right tires can be a real advantage, so pick ones that complement the course. Make sure to mount your front and rear light to the bike and make sure they have been charged or have fresh batteries.

      Remember to pack up spare parts, tires and wheels. Don't forget any tools you will need to switch parts out. Lastly, pack up your saddlebag with spare tubes, tires, a tire lever and anything else you want to carry.

    Be gear ready

    • Staying warm and dry are your two goals, so think about that when packing your gear for the race. While you don't want to empty out your closet, it is better to bring more than you need rather than not have something when you do.

      Even if no rain is forecast, you should throw in your rain gear. You will want a mix of short-sleeve and long-sleeve jerseys. A couple pairs of shorts is also recommended, along with four or five pairs of socks.

      If you wear gloves, throw in a couple pairs. Having a back-up helmet is also a smart choice. Don't forget your pre- and post-race clothing. You want to look good on the podium.

      The last gear essential to think about is nutrition. Make sure to bring bottles or a hydration pack. Pack more food and drink than you need including gels, bars, electrolyte drinks and whatever else you can take on the bike.

    Be race-day ready

    • If you're riding solo, make a game plan and prepare for the unexpected. If you're part of a team, make sure you know the overall goals for the race and that you're all on the same page.

      Knowing the course is crucial to being race-day prepared. Pre-riding it can take away anxieties you might have, especially about the area you will be covering during nighttime.

      Twenty-four hours is a long time, so start the race off slow and don't be discouraged if you get passed. Maintain a pace so that you can finish with dignity and have some energy left to celebrate your accomplishment.

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