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How To Overcome Weakening Thoughts And Improve Your Life

People are generally ready to listen and take heed when they are told about foods and drinks that can weaken their bodies, such as processed foods and alcohol.
But there are thoughts that can weaken a person just as much as a type of food or drink.
People who are familiar with alcoholic drinks are aware that after a night of heavy drinking, a person can wake up the following morning physically tired, dizzy, and with bad appetite.
This is called a hangover.
It can take up to three days for a person to regain his strength and appetite.
Seasoned drinkers will advise you to have a glass of beer or a double tot of whisky or brandy in the morning to feel better and to lessen the debilitating effects of a hangover.
With weakening thoughts, however, it is not so easy because thoughts are subtle things.
When you go to bed angry and with a hateful emotion in you, this does not give you a hangover the same way a bout of heavy drinking does.
Yet the effects are just as bad for your health, physically and spiritually.
Perhaps, going to bed with negative emotions and thoughts is more bad for you you than sleeping hollering drunk.
It is not uncommon to wake up feeling lethargic and out of sorts if when you went to bed it was after a heated quarrel or being upset.
Have you ever noticed that each time you get angry just before you had intended to have a meal, you suddenly feel like not eating? Or if you feel sad or upset over something, you can't make love if that was what you wanted to do.
The emotion of sadness or being upset has weakened you.
Moreover, negative thoughts have a negative magnetic field which other people and even animals can pick up.
I am sure you have heard someone coming into a room after a heated quarrel between people asking: "Is there a problem?" It is the energy field caused by such thoughts or emotions.
Sometimes a dog will let out a sharp bark when it gets into a room in which people had been quarreling or exchanging angry words.
Negative thoughts also have a ripple effect that can affect other people watching your behavior.
It has been scientifically proved that, for example, an act of kindness produces a chemical in the body of the person extending an act of kindness.
This substance is known as Serotonin, which makes us feel more comfortable, peaceful and blissful.
What is even more surprising is that, an act of kindness produces this same chemical in the body of a person receiving the kindness and the person watching this act of kindness.
This proves that thoughts do indeed have a very real magnetic field that affect people either negatively or positively, depending on the kind and intensity of thought.
Have you ever heard of something called SONIC VITAMINS? Well, it is a very interesting way of thinking that can change your emotional feelings for the better and heighten your energy levels.
More over, it can also affect positively those around you.
Thoughts can indeed strengthen or weaken you if you know the their power.

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