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Writing For the Child With Autism

Reading and writing are two of the subjects the parent of a child with Autism is most worried about.
They are complicated processes that are difficult to achieve proficiency in.
Attempting to break these processes down it a starting point.
We forget how hard it is to learn to read and write in the beginning.
Writing by its self is a collection of necessary elements.
First we have to learn to form our ABC's.
Learning this is a task all of its own.
We have to learn the strokes to big letters and little letters.
We have to learn how the letters sound at some point too.
Then we have to learn how the sounds work together to form words.
This is important to being able to mix the letters into words and then write them.
At 10 years old a typical child can usually put these elements together.
They can form words and sentences, maybe more.
A 10 year old child with Autism may still be trying to master fine motor skills necessary for writing.
This skills can include being able to hold a pencil or make a mark.
Pressure is important at this page so the child does not rip the paper.
They are not even at the point that they are trying to mix letters and make words.
This can be hard and strenuous for a child with Autism to perform.
It is even harder for a child to perform with poise and accuracy for others to understand.
The hardest part may be the motivation to do these things.
It is not so much a problem that a child with Autism is not motivated as that they may not see the point to it.
They are uninterested.
Finding ways to appeal to a child's interests will be critical to getting them through the steps to reading and writing.
Sometimes what we consider obsessions can be that hook we are looking for.

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