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Always Have Poor Circulation? The Number 1 Reason You Have Poor Blood Flow Circulation

Do you often complain that you always have poor circulation? If so then you may be surprised what the #1 reason really is for why you have poor blood flow through your body.
I'll also give 2 easy suggestions on how to start improving your circulation starting today!   2 Quick Tips to Improve Poor Blood Circulation #1 - Hawthorn: This herb is an outstanding way to boost low blood pressure and poor circulation.
You will need to take it ongoing for at least a month to begin noticing changes but most people will find that they want to continue with it for much longer as the results are almost always experienced.
Tea form is good, but consuming the raw ground up berries in a shake daily is the best way.
Look for organic hawthorn powder online to find what you're looking for.
#2 - Cayenne: A incredibly versatile herb which can do more for blood pressure than you can imagine.
In fact it has been reported as even being capable of stopping a heart attack and causing immediate clotting of lacerations and wounds when nothing else could! It stimulates circulation and heats the body if that's what your body needs.
For a person with high blood pressure it will in fact help balance and lower their blood pressure.
An incredible herb not to be without, again try to go for the gold with raw organic cayenne powder, make sure to get at least 200,000 heat unit strength as well.
The #1 Cause of Poor Circulation! It may surprise you but approximately 80% of people right now are walking around with a fungal infection in their bodies and aren't even aware of it.
For 1/3rd it is causing terrible health issues for them! The culprit is a yeast that lives in all of us known as candida albicans.
This yeast when given the right circumstances will overgrow and cause a host of problems such as poor blood circulation, fatigue, brain fog, sinus and respiratory issues, depression, anxiety, heart palpitations...
Oh and of course it's the #1 cause of all digestive issues! If you're interested in learning more about whether it's the cause of your health problems.
I highly recommend looking into taking a quick online candida test or questionnaire just to rule it out as major problem for you.

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