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American Blue Rat Pet Information

    Facts on Rats

    • Rats are warmblooded mammals, which makes them similar to cats, dogs and hamsters when it comes to care. If kept correctly, rats can be clean, quiet, social and affectionate to their owners. Although many people cringe at the thought, rats have a widespread following and are considered to be good pets. They have been selectively bred to produce different colors and sizes.

    Blue Rat Features

    • Blue rats have dark gray-colored coats, which have been labeled "blue." They are one of a number of different colors available. American blues can be solid blue or blue and white, and the shade of the blue can range from light blue to slate. These rats can be 6 to 10 inches long and weigh 6 to 18 ounces if they're healthy.

    Blue Rat History

    • The blue coloration showed up in rats across the country in 1990. It was not bred for, but seemed to be a natural evolution in rat coloration. Blues were bred soon after their discovery in California and were presented at the AFRMA (Association For Rats and Mice of America) show in 1991. They are now considered "established."


    • Blue rats are extremely smart and affectionate and quickly learn their places in the home. They can recognize many verbal and physical signals and will learn to respond to their names. These rats need consistent attention, as they are likely to form bonds with their owners. They will get bored easily and can become destructive in that situation.


    • Even when they're trained as pets, rats can bite. Their teeth are sharp, so children should be especially cautions about handling them or sticking their fingers in the cage. Keeping rats with carnivores like dogs and cats is not safe for the rats.

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