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What Is the Difference Between DDR1 & DDR2 RAM?


    • RAM, or random access memory, is a volatile, fast memory. Volatile memory only operates when it is powered, so data stored in RAM is lost every time a computer is turned off.


    • DDR stands for double data rate. This means that it can transmit data twice as fast as the older, single data rate RAM.


    • DDR1 RAM was the first type of double data rate RAM. It was a big advance over SDRAM, transferring data twice as fast as the computer's FSB, or front side bus.


    • DDR2 RAM also transfers data twice as fast as a computer's FSB speed, but it is compatible with computers with higher FSB speeds.


    • DDR2 RAM consumes less power than DDR1 RAM, so it operates at a lower temperature. RAM temperature increases with its speed, so DDR2 RAM can run faster than DDR1 RAM, while remaining cooler.

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