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What is Inclusion?

Inclusion is a philosophy that many parents of children with Autism have taken into their value system.
It can be applied to education or to the community.
There is a lot of research behind the benefits to all people of inclusion.
Basically inclusion means that people with any disability including people with Autism live, work, play, and do anything else with non-disabled peers.
For children this means the same school that other children in the neighborhood attend.
It also means that the child goes to the same classes the children his or her age go to.
For adults this means that people with Autism and more severe disabilities can and should work at the same jobs as other people.
They should go to the same church and the same stores.
They also should go to the same stores.
It is really a simple concept.
It is also a concept that people with disabilities have embraced.
Although many people originally thought that parents who were requesting inclusion in the school system were misguided research has supported those very same parents.
Children with Autism and other disabilities who are included in regular classrooms receive many benefits to being involved with typical peers.
Children without disabilities also receive many benefits.
Studies show the typical child is more empathetic.
Other studies show that the typical children also do better on test scores.
This early exposure will help all children in many ways.
It will also help adults as the groundwork for being together will have been laid early.
The behaviors that many adults find odd in a person with Autism will be normal.
It will be something people have been exposed to all of their lives.

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