Travel & Places Passport Requirements

How to Take a Passport Photo Using a Digital Camera

    • 1). Use a digital camera with at least a 3.0 megapixel resolution.

    • 2). Set up the background where you will photograph your subject. The background must be neutral in color and free of decorations or extraneous designs. It is best to use a white or off-white wall.

    • 3). Sit or stand the subject about two feet in front of the wall. The subject will have to look forward at the camera.

    • 4). Position two light sources on either side of the subject to avoid shadows on the face and illuminate the background. One light source, such as a lamp, should be several feet in front of and diagonally to the left of the subject. The other light source should be placed in the same way diagonally to the right of the subject.

    • 5). Place the camera on a tripod about four feet in front of the subject between and slightly farther than the two light sources. Adjust the camera or the tripod so that it is at eye level with the subject.

    • 6). Use the viewfinder or digital display to frame the subject's face. Have the subject look directly at the camera with a neutral expression. The face should fill about two-thirds of the frame and you should see the upper part of the shoulders.

    • 7). Depress the shutter halfway to verify that the picture will be in focus. Most digital cameras have this feature.

    • 8). Use standard settings on your camera, turn the flash off and take the photo. If you are taking the photo of yourself, set the timer, depress the shutter button and get into position for the photo.

    • 9). Verify the quality of your photograph using the photo review feature on your camera. There should be no harsh shadows on the face or the wall. The photo should not be underexposed or overexposed and should be of the appropriate contrast. Re-take the photo if necessary.

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