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Melissa and Doug Train Set - There is One That Grandpa Would Be Proud to Own

From the creators of Melissa and Doug train set comes the best setup imaginable.
The name is misleading at Multi-Activity Table, but do not let that fool you.
It was made to run a train set.
For the parents, this table set up helps keep all the components of the train and accessories centralized in one location.
This table is only 17.
75" high so the little members of your family can sit around it on the floor and play from every part of the table within easy access.
The overall size of the top is 33" x 50" and the play area inside the boundaries is 32 1/8" x 45 1/8".
This table is made of wood for long life and durability.
The play board is reversible so two different layouts can be kept.
To help keep the table top organized, there are 2 drawers that are built into the sides for storage of cars, engines, and track when not in use.
For storage of items is too large for the drawers or the boxes, the train sets come in and there is access from below the table top at both ends.
The area of the table top is compatible with other wooden train play boards like the Island of Sodor, so they can be laid in place without any modifications.
This compatibility is true with all components of a Melissa and Doug train set.
The tracks, cars, engines, and accessories are all of the same scale.

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