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Overweight Is Not Just Ugly, a Review of Being Overweight

I am amazed at the number of people around me who are grossly overweight.
I can't just walk up to them and tell them they are ugly or even that their weight will shorten their lives and also cause them unwanted pain.
Such actions are unacceptable in our culture.
The only thing I can do is write articles or perhaps spend money on ads.
Most people will not try to do anything about their health until they get a wake-up call via a stroke or heart attack.
Perhaps it will be diabetes that strikes them or cancer.
As a minister, I frequently suggested people with health problems use the products I used to regain my health.
Many of those people were members of the churches I served.
I had a deep feeling of responsibility not only for their spiritual health, but for their physical health because they are ultimately inter-related.
Unfortunately my motive for sharing nutritional information was misinterpreted.
For whatever reason, people assumed I was just trying to earn money from them if they bought the products I suggested - even when I had no connection to the company selling the product.
As a matter of fact, when there was a connection, the product was provided to the church member below cost which often resulted in my losing money on the transaction.
None of that mattered.
In the eyes of the church I was abusing my pastor/member relationship for profit.
As a result the last two churches I served asked me to leave.
Fortunately I was 65 years old when the last church fired me, so I retired from the ministry in order to pursue trying to help people with both their spiritual and physical problems.
My expertise in both areas, though not perfect, is enough to help people who will allow me to help.
Those people are the people interested enough in their health to read my articles.
Some of you will realize when I say a particular product is the best on the market, it is a true statement.
Others will think they can find a product of equal quality elsewhere and take a cheaper route.
That's all right with me if the product they use actually helps them, my purpose is accomplished.
If they do not experience the improvement they want, then the product they are using is of inferior quality or does not contain an adequate amount of the nutrient they need.
In any case, life is too precious to put off doing what is necessary to find a solution to your health problem, regardless of what it may be - weight loss, high blood pressure, diabetes, you name it.

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