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How to Replace a Water Filter on a Sears Kenmore Fridge

    • 1). Unplug the cord before replacing the water filter.

    • 2). Push the release button on the center of the grille cover at the bottom of the refrigerator to access the water filter from underneath.

    • 3). Turn the water filter counterclockwise and detach the filter from the grille cap, lifting it out of the tray behind the grille and setting it out of the way.

    • 4). Remove the red plastic end cap from the new water filter and attach the grille cap on the new filter, inserting the filter onto the filter tray.

    • 5). Turn the water filter clockwise to lock it into place in the tray and verify that the words on the filter are facing upright.

    • 6). Slide the filter tray back into the refrigerator and plug the cord into the electrical outlet.

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