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Top Six Essential Plugins For WordPress Beginners

One of the most dominant blog publishing and content management application up-to-date is WordPress, with over 25 million users across the globe.
An open source CMS that is free of charge.
Website owners and bloggers can conveniently visit the official WordPress website for free application and plugins downloads.
Fundamentally, WordPress started as a blog engine.
Thanks to the diligence and skills of thousands of volunteers and coders who developed WordPress, users can now the application's features to chance a static unexciting page into a fully dynamic customized web page in just a couple of mouse clicks.
That is the main reason why WordPress is gaining its fame among the millions of web designers, organizations and businesses throughout the world.
WordPress authoritative feature ranges from a user friendly template driven system, workflow area, category allocation and more.
With that said, the most wonderful thing about WordPress is that users can execute plug-ins for their specified website functionality and needs.
WordPress plugins make modification and customization simple.
It is a program that accommodates diverse specifications and requirements.
Likewise, it is not difficult to actualize particularly for beginners or users who are unfamiliar with web design codes such as html and php.
Here are the top 6 recommended WordPress plugins that are free to download and essential for your new blog site: Akismet - This plugin is very beneficial to control and fight spam on your blog site.
Spammers who leave comments and links to promote their sites are often offensive.
Truly, a time - conserving plugin.
A must for all blog sites.
All in One SEO Pack - It is one of the most commonly used plugins among SEO practitioners.
Its fundamental function is to turn your posts and pages to be more search engine friendly so that you can rank higher on search results that are appropriate to your content posted.
To increase traffic to website, this plugin is utilized by blog and website owners.
XML Sitemaps - This plugin automatically generates XML sitemaps for your website and gives notification to search engines when they are updated.
The main purpose is to make your blog posts more search engines friendly so that they can be easily "crawled" and indexed, thus enabling people to find them on major search engines.
Broken Link Checker - This practical plugin can administer checking of outgoing links.
It also eliminates dead links.
Dead links are listed out because it will negatively have an effect on the website's search engine ranking.
StatPress Reloaded - This useful plugin is used to track the visitor's of the website.
Furthermore, it provides the number of page views, spiders and RSS feeds.
SEO Smart Links - Many SEO practitioners believe in the practical use of back links.
With this plugin, linking an article to another article is achievable.
Moreover, this is also helpful for bloggers who want their visitors to find articles on similar subjects since this plugin interlinks the keyword automatically.
Digg Digg Social Sharing - This plugin that is accountable for the floating social icon found at the left side corner of each post.
It provides user easy access to Twitter icon, thus making it easier for readers to share and endorse content.
Certainly, there are tons of plugins for WordPress that you can use to optimize your website.
There are no doubts about how much quality these plugins can bring to your blogs.
You actually don't need an IT degree to have these plugins set up.
There are a number of websites that will help you download and test these amazing plugins.
Finally, make sure that you read various SEO related forums and blogs.
Reading opinions and advices of other WordPress users will help you enhance the use of these fantastic plugins to your website's advantage.

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