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Diet & Foods a Training Boxer Would Eat

    Type of Diet

    • A training boxer's diet should fuel the powerhouse systems within the body. These systems are necessary to maintain stamina and strength throughout a fight that can go on for many rounds, for three minutes per round. Finding a way to maintain endurance is key for boxers and, therefore, a strict diet is necessary. Every individual has a required caloric intake per day. An athlete in training, such as a boxer, is required to make sure that certain percentages of her caloric intake are a specific type of element. For example, athletes generally must make sure that 12 to 15 percent of their caloric intake comes from proteins. They also must ensure that the biggest percentage, 55 to 58 percent of caloric intake, comes from carbohydrates. Additionally, athletes are required to limit their fat intake to 25 to 30 percent of their total caloric intake. However, for boxers in training, it is recommended that these numbers change slightly.

    Specific Boxer in Training Diet

    • For the boxer who is training, following the general recommendations above will not do. It is recommended that the percentages for the different elements slightly change in order to further enhance the powerhouse systems of the body for boxers. Therefore, during your training regimen, you will want to change the number of calories you consume. Instead of 12 to 15 percent of caloric intake from protein, training boxers should raise this percentage to a range of 30 to 40 percent. The percentage of fat intake should decrease to approximately 15 percent. Percentage of caloric intake from carbohydrates is also decreased to approximately 45 to 50 percent, as opposed to 55 to 58 percent. Therefore, proteins are the essential part of a training boxer's diet, followed closely by carbohydrates.

    Foods to Eat

    • For the carbohydrate requirement, training boxers should try to eat meaningful carbs rather than empty carbohydrates. Empty carbs come from such food items as white bread, pasta and anything made with white flour. Good carbohydrates can be obtained from food items such as beans, oatmeal, whole grains, yams and fruits. Good sources of protein are also needed to maintain the training boxer's diet. These sources can be found in common food items such as eggs, beef, tuna and chicken. Some protein energy drinks are also a good source for achieving the necessary percentage intake of each part of the diet. While an overabundance of fats is not needed, some are still necessary. The training boxer should make sure to limit fat intake to the good fats instead of the type of fats that make you slugglish. Good types of fat that are essential to performing daily body functions include omega-3 and omega-6 fats. These can be found in foods such as nearly any type of seafood, walnuts, avocados, olives and other types of oils and seeds. The last essential part of the diet is definitely water. Drinking plenty of water while training and fighting is essential in order for you to avoid dehydration.

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