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How to Heal Burns on the Skin

    • 1). Place the burnt area of the skin under running cold water for at least five minutes or fill a tub with cold water and submerse the burnt area, whichever is more convenient.

    • 2). Let the burnt area dry or lightly towel dry it.

    • 3). Gently apply aloe vera to the burnt area. Use a generous amount of the gel and very softly rub it into the skin. As the aloe absorbs into the skin, apply more. Repeat this process three or four times.

    • 4). Allow the aloe to completely dry and them wrap the area with a gauze bandage. Do not wrap the bandage too tightly.

    • 5). Undress the burn and repeat the aloe vera treatment up to three times a day to speed burn healing.

    • 6). Take pain killers, such as aspirin, at the recommended dose to deal with any uncomfortable sensations.

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