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How to Hide a Suspended Ceiling in a House

    • 1). Mix white glue and water in equal parts in a bucket, using a paint stirrer.

    • 2). Climb a ladder, bringing the bucket of diluted glue, a stack of tissue paper and a paintbrush with you.

    • 3). Paint a 3-foot square segment of the suspended ceiling, using the paintbrush dipped in glue.

    • 4). Crumple a sheet of tissue paper and smooth it out again.

    • 5). Press the tissue paper to glue, smoothing it out. Leave the paper very rumpled for a highly-textured effect or smooth it out almost entirely.

    • 6). Repeat steps 3 through 5 until the segment of the suspended ceiling with glue on it is covered.

    • 7). Repeat steps 3 through 6 until the entire ceiling is covered.

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