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Top WoW Guides - What to Watch For When Picking The Best Warcraft Guide

For a WoW player who made the world of Azeroth their second home, it's no secret that they strive to achieve the highest potential by dominating in PvP arena battles, leveling, and gold making through farming and the use of the Auction House. To achieve the max of each of these fields, using the right strategies is a must. A detailed playing guide can be extremely useful, and I will explain what kind of guides are the best, and which ones are a dud.

First you need to determine what your needs are. What is your goal? Are you trying to level to 85, trying to raise your arena ratings in PvP, or are you trying to maximize your gold making output?

Most guides today will hone in on one of these areas and specialize in it, covering every nook and cranny of detail. These guides are better suited for veteran Warcraft players.

For a newbie, there is a guide for them as well. These are guides that cover every topic in the game, though usually not in as great of detail. One such guide that covers everything but in broader detail is Warcraft Blueprint.

It can be tricky to separate the great guides from the not so great ones. Some guides were quickly written and thrown into the market pool. The author of these guides are obviously more interested in generating as much sales as possible than providing relevant knowledge. These guides are not even worth a second thought.

If a guide is really worth your money, then the author should be willing to stand by his product with a full money back warranty. Legitimate authors will usually provide updates to their website and offer newsletters through a sign up form.

Any website that promises magic bullet results is likely a scam. Claims of hitting the gold cap or reaching level 85 by the end of the week are signs to look out for. These authors are clearly trying to get you to open up your wallet. What you will likely get in return is an outdated, rehashed guide with little to no useful information.

The last point I want to make is that you don't always have to pay to acquire the best information. For useful playing tips you can simply visit a game forum, join a WoW group on Facebook or Twitter. Youtube is also great as many players like to show off their awesome stats and playing prowess. You can snatch a few good information just by watching their videos.

Having the highest quality information is the way to make the best progress. Learn from players who have gone before you, and you will gradually move your way up and move past your competition.

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