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Amazing Places to Visit at Castilla and Leon

A visitor to Castilla and Leon would be delighted with their holiday choice as these are fantastic holiday destinations for an abundance of history and architecture.

There is a myriad of cathedrals, castles, monasteries, statues and fortified towns around Castilla and Leon.

Exciting cities such as Avila, Leon, Burgos, Valladolid, Salamanca, Segovia and Zamora are part of this exotic region. Castilla and Leon are considered as one of

Spain's largest regions that can be found near Aragon, Madrid and Costa Verdel. It is also near Portugal that makes it easy for one to visit both places conveniently.

Castilla Leon is made up of 9 provinces; they are Avila, Leon, Burgos, Soria, Palencia, Salamanca, Segovia, Zamora and Valladolid.

Regional Attractions

Every province in Castilla Leon has something special to offer the tourist. Many historical sites which have been set up by the Moors, Celts or Romans are well preserved for tourists and locals to appreciate along with the respective cultures and traditions.


Avila has many towers built in the medieval time with 9 gateways. It is considered as Spain's tallest provincial capital in terms of geographical location. Its 2km medieval walls were the efforts of the Christian Re-conquest after recapturing Avila from the Moors.


Burgos has a special attraction; its Gothic Cathedral is purportedly the third largest cathedral in Spain. Although its foundation was started off in 1221, it took 300 years to complete with a host of European architects contributing their talents and ideas. Hence, a lot of fine gothic architecture can be viewed while it is identified as a key Pilgrimage stopover in the Santiago de Compostela journey.

The city of Leon is a very relaxing resort of cosmopolitan offering with a mixture of old and new. There is an ancient 13th century Gothic Cathedral with the finest architecture in Europe containing 700 amazing stained glass pieces and odd towers.

Salamanca is famous for its 13th century University which is purportedly Spain's oldest. The vibrant student life raises the city's nightlife with its numerous bars and pubs.


Segovia has 2 special attractions in the 2 storey Roman Aqueduct and the infamous Alcazar which was an ancient castle with 152 steps for a fantastic view at the top.


Valladolid carries a host of culture and history with its myriad of cathedrals, churches and museums.


Zamora boasts of a fantastic 12th century Gothic Cathedral with an astounding curved stone roof that is made of layered tiles just like those in Istanbul.

Numerous Romanesque churches have bars and restaurants lining the streets of Zamora to serve the visitors.

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